Eligibility and Criteria

Phoenix Recovery Academy is committed to each student and their family, to support them in their path of recovery and academically. We enroll and admit students in high school that meet the academic requirements for 9th through 12th grade. Given that we are a recovery high school, we admit and enroll students who demonstrate a commitment to both their education and their sobriety. 

  1. In order to enroll in Phoenix Recovery Academy, all prospective students must demonstrate a commitment to recovery and sobriety. We ask that this be demonstrated by taking a drug test prior to admissions. This is the first step in committing to the community and to one’s family and oneself the willingness to engage on a path to recovery.  New students will be given 7 days to attend their first 12 step meeting and 21 days to obtain a sponsor; exclusion from the school community events may occur until the requirements are met. 
  2. Students are required to be clean and sober while attending Phoenix Recovery Academy.
  3. All enrolled students must work with Phoenix Recovery Academy staff to develop an Individualized Recovery Plan. In the event of a relapse, the Individualized Recovery Plan may be revised to provide increased support for the student.
  4. Students must fully participate in substance abuse recovery programming offered at Phoenix Recovery Academy.
  5. Students must attend mutual help (e.g. AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery, etc) or equivalent, as approved by Phoenix Recovery Academy staff. The minimum meeting requirement will be determined in the creation of the students Individualized Recovery Plan. 
  6. Prospective students and parents/guardians are expected to answer all questions honestly during the interview process. This will enable Phoenix Recovery Academy staff to work most effectively with applicants while they await enrollment decisions and if/when they are admitted to Phoenix Recovery Academy.